Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UMNO to Act Fast

We (well i definitely) don't want him to rule Malaysia... so UMNO has to act fast

From CNA 15 April 2008

Malaysia's Anwar says he has enough support to topple government
Posted: 15 April 2008 0104 hrs

Former Malaysian deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim waves to supporters as he arrives at a rally in Kuala Lumpur.

KUALA LUMPUR : Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said on Monday he has the support of enough defectors from the ruling coalition to seize power, although he will not act until he has a bigger majority.

"Yes, we have enough MPs to topple the government," he told reporters after a rally to celebrate the end of his ban from politics, which was broken up by police.

"We are saying here for the first time that we are ready (to rule the country)," he said. "But we will only enter when the majority is comfortable.

"When we take over we want to initiate the move. Do we want to be a government with a two- or five-seat majority?"

The Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance claimed more than a third of parliamentary seats and five states from the Barisan Nasional coalition in stunning March general elections.

Anwar has said that government lawmakers from Sabah and Sarawak states on Borneo island have approached him about switching sides, but so far none have declared their intentions publicly.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is floundering amid mounting calls to resign and take responsibility for the election results, which were the worst in the coalition's half-century history.

"The situation in Malaysia is uncertain at the moment, people don't know when the prime minister is going and who will succeed him, so we will respond to this," Anwar said.

He said that rather than seizing government, the opposition's priorities are to consolidate its gains and work with Sabah and Sarawak lawmakers "who agree with our new Malaysian agenda."

"The priority now is to administer the Pakatan Rakyat states as incorruptible and financially transparent, fulfil our promises to the people and give meaning and essence to participatory democracy."

Earlier, his speech to some 10,000 supporters was halted by police who shut down the rally celebrating the end of his political ban, a decade after he was sacked as deputy premier and hit with sex and corruption allegations.

"The police chief has asked us to stop so we are stopping, but remain peaceful because soon we will be running this country," Anwar told the crowd.

Witnesses said there were some scuffles between police and supporters as the crowd dispersed.

Political gatherings are strictly controlled in Malaysia, and police had threatened to break up the event, held at a private club in central Kuala Lumpur, because they said it was illegal.

About 300 officers including riot police, backed up with water cannon trucks, formed a heavy security presence, but the event went ahead on schedule and Anwar spoke for an hour before the authorities intervened.

Once seen as the heir apparent to long-time leader Mahathir Mohamad, Anwar spent six years in jail before storming back to prominence in the March elections.

The sex conviction against him was later dropped but the corruption count prevented him from standing for public office until Tuesday.

Anwar had been expected to re-enter parliament quickly through a by-election in one of the seats held by his Keadilan party, and to challenge Prime Minister Abdullah in a symbolic no-confidence vote soon after.

But in light of the stunning and unexpected gains, he has said he is in no hurry to act and will instead focus on building up the opposition. - AFP/de

Friday, March 21, 2008

NST out of words?

On Wednesday 19/3 the NST had made a headline stating that "PM breaks away from cabinet he inherited"

"He broke away from the cabinet he inherited from his predecessor, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in 2003 to which he had only made minimal changes despite his major victory in 2004."

Well actually PL can break the previous cabinet as he was also the PM back then. So what is NST trying to say?????? or do???

All Time Favorites

Since when nasi kandar got involve in politics....

Friday March 21, 2008
MYT 3:50:46 PM

Hindraf: Don’t boycott nasi kandar

BUTTERWORTH: Penangites should stop boycotting nasi kandar, said Hindraf coordinator R.S. Thanenthiran.

The boycott apparently took effect following the circulation of an SMS alleging that nasi kandar operators were involved in last Friday’s street protest at Komtar.

Thanenthiran said the allegation was baseless and Hindraf did not issue any such statement or SMS.

“This is an act by some irresponsible parties,” Thanenthiran told a press conference Friday.

The SMS calling for a boycott of nasi kandar ended with the Hindraf slogan Makkal Sakthi (People’s Power), he said.

“People who received the SMS were misled into thinking that it was Hindraf who had sent the SMS but we did not.”

He alleged that last Friday’s protest at Komtar was started by politicians not nasi kandar operators.

“We appeal to the people of all races to support the nasi kandar operators as the cuisine is the pride of Penang,” Thanenthiran said.

Sihabutheen said if customers continue to believe in the SMS, business would see a further drop.

“As it is business has already dropped by 10% to 15%,” he said.

There are more than 250 nasi kandar outlets in Penang. The Indian Muslim fare is popular among people of all races here.

PL Awaken

The statement below was taken from MyPaper Singapore. Gush... PL just realise this. Who is advising him actually?? He should realise about this long time ago.

will study the progress of
its policies at the end of
each year, rather than on
the eve of general
elections, Prime Minister
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
said yesterday.
“At the end of each
year, we will review the
actions that we have taken,
the effectiveness of such
actions and the problems
faced,” he said after
chairing the first meeting of
the Cabinet.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Khairy Dalam Kabinet

Diharapkan PL akan berfikir 1000 kali atau lebih sebelum melantik KJ sebagai menteri kabinet. Diharapkan ramalan the insider yang dimaksudkan didalam MyPaper Singapore mengenai KJ adalah betol.

Ahli UMNO berpaling tadah.. kata Anwar

Anwar merapek lagi di Singapura... betul atau satu lagi taktik Anwar yang hendak mengkucar kacirkan negara.

The Singapore Straits Time

March 17, 2008
Ruling UMNO party members want to defect: Anwar
KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIAN opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim claimed Monday that many lawmakers in the ruling coalition want to defect to his camp after their election debacle.
Mr Anwar told reporters he has been approached by many ruling party lawmakers who won in the March 8 general elections.

They are welcome to defect but no bribes will be paid to make them to cross over, he said.

'We will remain consistent and committed to the code of ethics.

If you want to surrender at a price you have chosen the wrong party,' he told reporters.

Buying political support, especially by paying voters money, is common in Malaysia, and bribing lawmakers to defect, while not widespread, is known to occur.

The three-party opposition alliance stitched together by Anwar won an unprecedented 82 seats in the 222-member Parliament in the elections. It needs 30 more lawmakers to get a majority needed to unseat the National Front coalition's government.

Mr Anwar's claim could not be immediately confirmed, but would add to persistent rumors of political horse-trading in the aftermath of the disastrous poll results for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's coalition.

Mr Abdullah says he has the full support of his party, and has rejected calls to step down. But Mr Anwar's claim, if true, would add pressure on him to keep the party together.

Mr Anwar did not say how many National Front members have approached him, but said they belonged to Mr Abdullah's United Malays National Organization, the main party in the National Front, as well as other smaller parties.

'People have approached and discussed ... but no one dared raise the issue of price (of defection) to me,' he said, without elaborating. He said he believes some will eventually defect, even without monetary inducement.

But he refused to say if the numbers would be enough to topple the National Front government, which is facing its worst political crisis in the 51 years it has been in power.

Although the National Front suffered losses in some previous elections, notably in 1999, it is the first time its parliamentary majority has been eroded to this extent. In addition, Mr Anwar's opposition alliance won control of governments in five of Malaysia's 13 states.

Mr Anwar said many of those who approached him won their seats from Sabah and Sarawak states on Borneo island, which have emerged as UMNO's political stronghold after its spectacular loss of support in mainland Malaysia.

The National Front won 54 out of the 56 seats in the two states, accounting for nearly 39 per cent of its total 140 seats it Parliament. Most of the 54 seats were won by UMNO candidates.

Mr Anwar, a former deputy prime minister, was once an UMNO star before being accused of corruption and sodomy by then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in 1998. He was convicted of both charges but the sodomy charge was later overturned.

While he was in jail, Mr Anwar's wife formed the People's Justice Party, or PKR, which emerged as the largest opposition party in the elections with 31 parliamentary seats. It is in a coalition with the Democratic Action Party and the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party. -- AP